Evolution 6: JG A47 Tactical

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In Mother Russia, the guns shoot you, but in Mainland China, your guns are shot. Or they may as well be, as the crew find with another ACM clone of the AK47 design, the Jing Gong A47 Tactical. They don’t pull any punches as they give you the dirt on this AEG, even in the face of death.  This may end badly!

Technical Notes:

Out of four purchased on December 2007, three had suffered some sort of failure by mid-2008. Unit 1 had its motor freeze up in the middle of a game. Field stripping showed that the wiring to the motor had come loose. Rewiring fixed the problem. Unit 3 had a fire selector that came loose despite repeated re-tightening. That unit also lost its butt plate which comes off easily with a minimum of pressure. Unit 2 stopped firing during a game. Disassembled it revealed a broken mount in the gearbox which would have required a complete overhaul. By 2009 only two out of the original four were operational. This is in stark comparison to our ten year old Tokyo Marui AK47. If that’s not apples to apples, we also had a three year old JG Beta Spetz which became the donor for Unit 2′s gearbox. We had banked on JG’s earlier reputation on deciding multiple units of this AK47. We were quite disappointed with the 50% failure rate.

This gun was a copy of the Tokyo Marui with a Type 3 Gearbox. The motor cage was a bit loose when attached to the gearbox. This was suspect to Unit 2′s failure.

The gearbox is a nice black color and uses torx screws to open the case. The innards include china gears that are over lubricated. It had a silver spring that’s softer than an m120. Our airsmith estimated strength to about SP110 or like the A&K springs after it’s settled. The spring guide was plastic and the piston head was already ported. The compression is good but the cylinder wasn’t. He was surprised to see that it used a cylinder that’s like a Type 2 but the hole was twice as large as the normal M4 cylinder. So in essence, the cylinder held less air than an M4 would but the barrel length would be for a closed cylinder. This may be the reason why the gun seemed to be lacking at the edge of its range as it got a suckback from the muzzle when the BB came out due to a matched cylinder size.

The wiring to the butt stock was poor. Shrink wrap joined the two wires in a way that kept it from being pulled out easily due to its passing through a narrow portion of the inner stock and the fuse being blocked. The gearbox, butt stock and lower receiver had to be disassembled to expose the wiring. A minor thing for an experienced airsmith but quite annoying.

On a brighter note, the hop up had a graduated measure with labels so it was easy to remember the previous hop up settings that worked. Also the built in sector chip allowed for reliable feeding.

The foregrip was comfortable and the rubberized buttstock had a nice feel. Rails allowed for various attachments.


It matters not which part of the world you hail from, anyone with eyes can tell, THIS is an AK47.

Before you ladies get your panties in a bunch, take note, this gun is Tactical. How do we know its Tactical? It’s got a friggin Spetznas in the manual!

You could be a freedom fighter or a PMC. If the Spetznas like it it’s good enough for you.
Be happy gentlemen this kit comes with NEARLY everything you need out of the box. Just add ammunition then you can shoot 600 rounds to your heart’s content. And for you SPECIAL forces wannabees it does come with these luxuries. Doesn’t that make you feel good?

You pansies will love the buttstock on this … smooth as a babies behind.

Now I have heard some of you wannabe commandos whine that the JG A47 tends settle down to 313 FPS at 0.25g (348.67 FPS at 0.25g). I don’t want to hear you babies fault your equipment. If your issued A47 drops to 1.13 Joules over time, it’s down to your poor maintenance regimen, soldier. Such a situation, as any Spetsnaz will tell you, is easily made up for by spraying it on full auto, at 14.4 rounds per second.

Accuracy at 15 yards is–
Look, even if it shoots terrible 7cm groupings at 15 yards, it’s obviously your failing.
You’re not man enough to shoot this gun straignt.

Now, listen close, cause what I’m about to tell you can get a man killed. The major problem with the JG A47, its ugly secret, is its mismatched cylinder the hole is twice the size of a type 2! You might as well let all the air out, and it does.
Whatever genius left out the closed cylinder should win the Darwin award.

But don’t let me catch you blaming it for inconsistent grouping.

Nevermind that endurance tests show, a 2 out of 4 chance that the gun you’re holding
will fail in some catastrophic fashion. Survivors suffer rapid loss of power and are in need of an upgrade.
Consider yourself lucky if the Chinese factory put your unit together properly.

Dammit. Now you know too much. A Spetsnaz team is probably already inbound to take you down.
The world cannot know that JG A47 is not recommended for field use in any shape or form.

You better run now little man. And get a gun that works!

What do you think of the Jing Gong A47? Tactical or impractical? Let us know in the comments!

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