Evolution 1: KSC G23F

On February 8, 2008, in Evolution, by Mike

The PinoyAirsoft.org crew kick off the Evolution series of video reviews with a tongue-very-much-in-cheek look at one of KSC’s most popular line of gas blowback airsoft pistols: the compact full-auto hand cannon. There is some explicit language in the beginning of the video so please be wary of children within earshot!

Technical Notes:

Glock doesn’t have a model 23F. They do have the 23 and 23C. Where the 23F departs from the real world 23/23C is the fire selector switch on the left side of the pistol. Settings are safe, semi, and full.

As the video demonstrates, the full auto setting is impressive. It’s also quite wasteful. Our review units were two used G23Fs. One used the standard HFC134A while the other used Green gas. The HFC134A gun started leaking after several uses of full auto mode. It’s yet to be repaired but is still able to fire in single. Our Green gas unit has been fired at full auto a few times but we prefer to keep it in single fire to lengthen its life.

Parts most likely to break down in this gas blow back pistol are the slide and valve. The slide is made of plastic and will wear down from the blow back action. A metal replacement part is a good option. It also gets rid of the unauthentic “G”.

Got a hand cannon of your own? Let us know what you think of the KSG G23F in the comments!


“Yo Ese! Move that fuckin’ car out of here!”

Hello and welcome to tonight’s edition of PinoyAirsoft. Tonight we examine the Glock 23F by KSC.

KSC, also known as KWA, added their own embellishments to this partly fictional pistol. On the plastic slide you will find a capital “G” rather than the Glock logo. And on the back is a metal select fire switch that you will never find in a real world gun. FBI agents might cringe at the thought. Nevertheless it’s solid and pretty.

“Should you shoot it in the conventional way, right?”
“Sige.” (OK)
“Like this?”

Now if you insist on playing gansta style, we’re happy to say the Glock will fire sideways. Whether or not you can hit anything is up to the wind.

“Kicks hard, error.”

Incidentally you can use green gas without modification. But expect your parts to wear out faster.

The BBs that come with the gun are .20, but for accurary we prefer .25s. On .25 gram BBs it clocks up to a respectable 300fps. You won’t outshoot an AEG wielder but that’s not the point.

Its main charm is a wasteful yet aesthetically pleasing full auto mode. With one pull you unload 22 rounds in 2 seconds. Be careful not to abuse it though.

For serious play, we recommend single fire. Full auto has a lot of recoil and increases the chances of breakdown.

The Glock 23F is a fantasy gun. It’s a pistol that calls out to a visceral need to have on on each hand. With this you can act out your favorite John Woo fantasy. It won’t matter if you don’t hit anything as long as you feel good doing it.

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